On this day of November 2 which marks all over the world, the « INTERNATIONAL DAY TO END IMPUNITY FOR CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST JOURNALISTS »,
the ujpla (union of journalists of the African free press) whose primary objective is the defense of the safety of journalists in Africa, would first of all like to salute and bow to the memory of the colleagues killed, missing, mistreated tortured, etc., in Africa and around the world.

The ujpla joins all professional journalists’ organizations, non-governmental human rights organizations, African and global civil society, etc., to call for strict respect, everywhere, for the lives and safety of journalists on and off the scene.
The ujpla, a continental organization committed to the promotion of press freedom, calls on all states, governments, public authorities, etc., to do everything possible to facilitate and allow journalists to exercise their profession freely. with full respect for their physical and moral security.

Finally, the ujpla urges all African public authorities to shed light on all the crimes committed against journalists and to bring their perpetrators before the competent courts so that the law is said and justice is carried out with complete impartiality and transparency.

Done in Abidjan on Monday, November 2, 2020.
For the Union of Journalists of the African Free Press (U.J.P.L.A)


Yao Noel

By AGM News

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