By TOURÉ Vakaba | The national coordinator of Ipob CĂ´te d’Ivoire, Mazi Marcel Ezeh proceeded to the investiture and the installation of Okwuolisa Okongwu and Godwin Uche Nweke, respectively coordinator and deputy coordinator of the Ipob section of the commune of AttecoubĂ© (north of Abidjan).

The ceremony which brought together representatives of other sections of Abidjan with the presence at their side of activists and sympathizers, united and united for a single objective: The independence of Biafra. “I appeal on the responsibility of our African leaders. We are Biafran and not Nigerian. It is out of the question that we recognize Nigeria as the mother country (…) ”, hammered the national coordinator Ipob, who recalls having lost his father in this absurd war which had made more than a million deaths and thousands of others missing, all of Igbo ethnicity.

Present on this occasion, the commander of the gendarmerie brigade of AdjamĂ© CitĂ© d’Ermont, through the voice of his spokesperson, wished the event every success, after having formulated advice on fraternity and good neighborliness with the West African nationals, including the Igbo community.

It was up to Dean Elder Uwakwe J.C to seek God’s assistance and protection for the smooth running of the festivities.

The national coordination of CĂ´te d’Ivoire is on the way to be the most efficient in Africa, in terms of dynamism and mobilization.

By AGM News

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