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Longtime mental slavery is hard to wish-wash within a twinkle of an eye, is same thing dragging pigs out of swamp where she believes to have been its comfort zone from time immemorial. The preferable living in bondage Nollywood actor has shown he is not only dramatically in bondage, but also cage in all spheres of life. I may not have wasted my time and ink writing hence, it is obvious he wants publicity he did not worth perhaps, for the sake of redeeming him from bondage which IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu, is fighting all along it becomes noteworthy, I play my role to savage him from entangling stupidity hovering his mindset in his political aspiration in a drowning Nigeria politics.

It occurs to my mind how this visionless cum politicians stylishly surfaced in a law court to market his political ambition during IPOB leader’s trial with other four defendants, many thought he was in solidarity with these prisoners of conscience never did they knew his selfish aggrandizement was more intense above collective indigenous population asking for unconditional release of their leader. No doubt spiritual chastisement tormenting Nigeria may have affected the Nollywood actor to ascertain, the Zoo is at the bricks of collapse started from her fraudulence foundation that makes it impossible for common men to have a sense of belonging irrespective of the system of government adopted.

Bondage is a state of being tied with chain or rope, when one is under captive he becomes short-sighted with the limited mode of operation this alone impedes the politically living in bondage actor to boldly demand his brother’s whereabouts Nnamdi Kanu after military invaded his residence. Only to rally in support to an oppressive government that infringes the human rights of vulnerable innocent citizens. The first impression matters a lot, Kenneth Okonkwo is yet politically active his under tune shenanigan pronounces he is part and parcel of Buhari’s menageries showcase in South East to aide entire Biafraland enslavement. He single-handedly exposed himself through his curiosity to rule, he is among efulefu Igbo Nigeria politicians that lack political articulation within their terrain, and he never knew Biafrans prefer to be apolitical in the slave camp by boycotting every election. Election means death in Nigeria, the Nimbo and Uzouwani herdsmen terrorist attacks still fresh in our memory, entire villages were set ablaze many shots to dead yet perpetrators are freely walking around tormenting others while the slave aspirant is mentally daft to speak against government romancing with the terrorists. Probably, he is the arrowhead to be used in achieving herdsmen annexes cattle colony in Enugu, the same way David Umahi, Ebonyi State governor makes the state Islamic caliphate. Widespread of Islam is speedily overwhelming the Eastern region through all these nonchalant Igbo politicians, the dynasty has extended to the actor cum politician for the forthcoming free flow of Biafrans innocent blood.

I’m personally not interested in infrastructural development, employment, and other social amenities hence; it was already publicized by the president himself that he cannot treat all equally. His lopsided inequality will after making Biafra density irrelevant in the scheme of things. Certainly, nobody was worried over the threat I only want my people to be alive seeing the evil plots by Hausa Fulani than hearing it in six feet. Let it be on record, Kenneth Okonkwo, vows never to apologize for his inclusion in the total annihilation of the indigenous population, it is now well anticipated in no distance time Enugu might turn to second herdsmen terror hot bet after Benue. He must be held responsible should their evil deal manifest as planned.

Only deceivers can come out defending Buhari’s brutal regime, in all his crimes against humanity, under his stewardship high rate of terror, humiliation, human rights abuse, intimidation, and other social vices are more severe than Adolf Hitler of Germany and Benito Museleni of Italy put together. In spite of all these, dementias support him for the second tenure only to accrue stipend from the master’s table. Laughable IPOB is not shaken rather determine, focus to savage Biafra from the hands of Hausa Fulani oligarchy and its external factors.

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